Sunday, October 4, 2020

My Book Review: The New Reality – An Exciting Medical Thriller Conservatives Will Love

Book Title: The New Reality: An Alex Pella Novel


Author: Stephen Martino

The New Reality

Before I start this review, we all know that President Trump was diagnosed with the Chinese Virus. (President Trump calls it that, and I’m calling it that. ) Thankfully, as of this writing, he appears to be doing great and there’s a good possibility he will leave the hospital as early as tomorrow, October 5.  

I hate leftists, especially the ones on Twitter. Their response to President Trump’s diagnosis has been beyond horrible.  (I never thought humanity could stoop so low.)  That said, I was pleased to see so many normals (Republicans, Democrats, Independents) sending prayers and well wishes to President Trump. It reminded me that the evil, soulless, deranged stuff coming from the leftists is not most of America. (Remember that leftists are not the same as liberals.)

Now, on to the review:

I've got another fiction book for this blog. THE NEW REALITY, by Stephen Martino, is a conservative thriller that is definitely worth your time.  If you don’t like books with a conservative theme, then don’t read them.  Authors don’t have to take a neutral tone when they write fiction.  They can do what they want.  Furthermore, I don’t review books with a leftist or even a liberal tone here.

Stephen Martino lives in New Jersey with his wife, five children, and a dog.  He is an Amazon bestselling author (which is no surprise to me.) His THE NEW REALITY is the first book in a three-part series, with the main character Alex Pella.  The other two books in the series are THE HIDDEN REALITY and THE FINAL REALITY.  

Stephen says that people compare his novels to such authors as Dan Brown and Michael Crichton.  Is that bragging?  I guess, but the thing is, it’s true.  His writing really is as good as these authors.  Also, one of the things I love about Dan Brown's books is his quick chapters and fast pace.  Stephen does the same with this book.

In addition to being an author, Stephen is a board-certified neurologist and a medical educator. Stephen has a history as a political blogger, as well, and has been a  co-host on the TV Show OnFire.  His books have been featured on many blogs, and he’s been interviewed on a variety of shows such as Hollywood Up Close, the Michael Dresser Show, Writestream Radio Network, and more.


With the Chinese Virus currently wreaking havoc on the world, the theme of this book was especially interesting to me. Without giving away the story (which is tricky to do when I’m reviewing fiction) this novel is set in the future – 2080, and Earth’s inhabitants are dealing with The Disease. Alex Pella, a neuroscientist, and NIH expert Marissa Ambrosia are expected to come up with answers.  Of course, just like President Trump's enemy The Deep State, there are enemies and there are stupid people who follow these enemies.  Government forces intent on power can be very dangerous, as we’ve already seen in real life.  So this book is rather unsettling, actually.

The setting of the book begins in the Middle East, which I thought was creative.  Also, when I read a book set in the future, I expect the author to pay very close attention to details.  Stephen does that here.  You feel like you’re in the future when you read it.   THE NEW REALITY combines not only political themes but also medical and religious (Biblical themes) as Pella and company race to save humanity.

I highly recommend THE NEW REALITY.  Get it in eBook format or paperback.

Stephen’s webpage at Light Messages Publishing

I give this book - *****

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Do you think the Chinese virus is part of Nasty Nancy’s and the rest of the Deep State’s “arrows in the quiver” plan?  Leave a comment!



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