Sunday, August 9, 2020

My Book Review: Tobacco, Trusts, and Trump: Are You Familiar With the Tobacco Wars?

Tobacco, Trusts, and Trump

Book Title: Tobacco, Trusts, and Trump: How America's Forgotten War Created Big Government

Author: Jim Rumford

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

Are you familiar with the Tobacco Wars? I'll be honest. I wasn't until I read TOBACCO, TRUSTS, AND TRUMP. If you know leftists, they're not big on facts, just ideology. If you don't accept their doctrine, they couldn't care less about the facts.

Conservatives, on the other hand, are different. We care about facts, and one of the best ways to beef up our arsenal of facts is to READ.  In TOBACCO, TRUSTS, AND TRUMP, Jim Rumford explains how the period in history where the war between the Great Tobacco Trust and the working class leads to the big, fat government we have today. 

Chances are you weren't taught about the Tobacco Wars in your history classes. Now is the time for you to learn something that the Establishment doesn't want you to know.

Born in Louisville, Kentucky, and raised in Bracken County, Kentucky, Jim Rumford is currently a resident of Dayton, Ohio. He is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, amateur historian, and CEO of Rumford Industrial Group. In TOBACCO, TRUSTS, AND TRUMP, he references an abundant source of information, including his family ties to the Tobacco Wars.

From 1904 to 1910, in America's heartland (or "the flyover states"), 10,000 working-class people made up a secret organization of lawless militia. Due to their anger at corporate greed, these Night Riders terrorized businesses and farms and murdered its residents.

Rumford explains that both sides of his family fought in the Tobacco Wars – one was a Night Rider, and the other was a tobacco businessman selling to the Tobacco Trust. From there, Rumford explains how we're headed toward more turmoil, similar to the bloody Tobacco Wars.

Every conservative knows that the leftist Establishment couldn't care less about American freedom. They're all about power. President Trump got elected because the working class got sick of being forgotten.  

The Tobacco Wars was an early populist uprising against the Establishment. Rumford warns that we're headed there again unless we protect our freedoms granted to us by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. We have the freedom to make our way in a capitalist system rather than the socialist system that the Establishment dreams about, and we must not lose it.

I highly recommend that you read TOBACCO, TRUSTS, AND TRUMP to not only learn about the 20th-century Tobacco Wars but how the Establishment has sold us out, and how capitalism and creating your own income is the key to protecting yourself from Government tyrants in the Age of Trump.

TOBACCO, TRUSTS, AND TRUMP is a quick read at only a little over 170 pages.  Get the paperback for $17.99 or get the eBook free with Kindle Unlimited.

Jim Rumford's WEBSITE –

Be sure to check out this quick video featuring Jim Rumford:

I give this book - *****

Next Up: Live Free Or Die

I think it's a shame that I had never heard of the Tobacco Wars.  However, I'm glad I know now.  Did you know about the Tobacco Wars? Please leave a comment!

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