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My Book Review: The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump - A Well-Researched Book That Will Piss You Off

Book Title: The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump
Author: Gregg Jarrett

Gregg Jarrett said, in THE RUSSIA HOAX: THE ILLICIT SCHEME TO CLEAR HILLARY CLINTON AND FRAME DONALD TRUMP, "The people who should read this book, probably won't."  I agree.  If you hate Trump, if your mind is made up, if you've wanted to see the President impeached immediately after his election, you won't read this book.  But if you are interested in facts, Jarrett presents lots of them.

Jarrett is not only an author, he's an attorney and a news commentator for Fox News. He wrote the No. 1 New York Times best-seller The Russia Hoax, and now he has a new book out, Witch Hunt: The Story of the Greatest Mass Delusion in American History.  (I've read The Russia Hoax, but I'll read Witch Hunt sometime later.  I need a break from all this corruption.)

The Russia Hoax is about what the media talked about NONSTOP for two years - Russia, Russia, Russia. It's about how the investigation got started and why it was unfounded.  It's about the Deep State Swamp players: Obama, the Clintons, Lynch, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strzok, and on and on.

We know how it ended - No collusion and no obstruction. (Although the obstruction part was left open-ended on purpose by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his leftist attorneys.)  We know that Mueller's curtain call, aka his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee, was, to put it bluntly, a joke. (Check out this hilarious meme by one of my favorite creators, Solmemes, on Mueller and his embarrassing performance - FINED)

Jarrett shows just how corrupt the FBI and the Department of Justice have been. He describes how "Cardinal Comey" (a term not used by Jarrett, but a term some use to describe the pompous and sanctimonious former Director of the FBI) exonerated Hillary Clinton for the use of a private email server in the basement of her home and how the exoneration was a "preconceived charade with a predetermined outcome."

He explains how FBI lawyer Lisa Page and the man she was having an affair with FBI agent Peter Strzok were involved in the Clinton email exoneration. For example, within their thousands of emails, filled with love for Hillary Clinton and hate toward Trump and Trump supporters, it appears they knew that Clinton would not be charged before the investigation on her was complete.

Jarrett explores the unverified anti-Trump "dossier" by Fusion GPS and  Christopher Steele, paid for by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, with information that was supposed to have come from Russia.  The fake dossier was used to obtain a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA to spy and place wiretaps on Trump's campaign. Was it the "insurance policy" that Page and Strzok texted about?

Trump fired Comey. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Mueller (Comey's good friend) as Special Prosecutor, and Russia, Russia, Russia was officially kicked off with Trump accused of "colluding" with the Russians. Soon after, Adam "Shifty" Schiff (not Jarrett's term) was on TV every minute condemning Trump and declaring that he's guilty.

Jarrett explains why Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself, and how it was a grievous mistake. He also explains why Sessions probably knew that he would recuse himself even before Trump hired him.

Indeed, Jarrett makes a case that had Sessions not recused himself, the entire mess would have taken a different course.  Instead, Rosenstein appointed Mueller, who assembled a team of partisans, including attorney Andrew Weissmann.

As with the last book I reviewed, UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS by Mark Levin, what I greatly respect about  THE RUSSIA HOAX is the large number of facts that Jarrett presents.  It's not about emotions here.  It's about facts.

But boy did my emotions get worked up while reading this book.  It pissed me off, and I'm sure what you read will piss you off too.

Jarrett presents many reasons why Crooked Hillary and the Clinton Cartel (again, not Jarrett's terms) broke laws, and how they should be prosecuted. But, so what? People, such as Jim Comey, were fired or demoted, and I suppose that's punishment enough. However, these people have written books, or they've become contributors on CNN or MSNBC, or they give speeches and interviews and accuse others of being Russian assets and Russian agents.  It's disgusting.  It's maddening.

Ordinary people like me, who try to follow the rules and follow the laws, watch these Deep State actors break laws with not much consequence.  Or, in the case of Crooked Hillary, NO CONSEQUENCES, despite all the sketchy stuff in her life such as the Clinton Foundation and the Uranium One scandal, which Jarrett explores.

As Jarrett explains, we've seen people like U.S. Navy sailor Kristian Saucier go to prison, accused of mishandling classified material for taking six photographs of the inside of a submarine with his cell phone, while people like Crooked Hillary get off. (I'm happy President Trump pardoned him.)

Is there such a thing as karma? As reported at Spiritual Encylopedia, karma is "a Sanskrit word meaning 'act', 'action', or 'word'. The law of karma teaches us that all of our thoughts, words and actions begin a chain of cause and effect, and that we will personally experience the effects of everything we cause. We may not experience the effect (the returning karma) right away, and it may not even be in this lifetime, but you can count on it just the same. It is a cosmic law, which means that it applies to everyone, everywhere, all the time."

I believe Clinton spreads bad karma. Her losing the election may be an effect of that bad karma, at least that's what I think.  It's clearly driving her crazy.

I'm a person who appreciates facts over emotions, and Gregg Jarrett presents lots of facts proving that the entire Russian thing was a total hoax.  If you've followed along since it started, you're probably already angry about that. Jarrett's deep dive will get you even angrier.

Now we have the Ukraine mess.  The left never stops.

I give this book: *****

Next Up: Unplanned


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My Book Review: Unfreedom of the Press - This Book is Bound to Make an Impact on You!

Unfreedom of the Press by Mark R. Levin

Book Title: Unfreedom of the Press
Author: Mark R. Levin

As reported in UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS, 80 percent of Democrats trust the media, while 80 percent of Republicans distrust the media.  Why is that?

When I was a liberal (before the crazy leftists took over), I thought the media was fair. That's because they were telling me what I wanted to hear. NBC and CNN and The New York Times, those were the good news sources.  Fox News was a bad news source. That's what I was told, and that's what I believed.

But I've walked away from the left, and now my head is clear. Today, I'm a conservative, and today I'm well aware that the mainstream media is biased toward the left.  If you're a conservative, you're aware of it, too. As Levin reports, President Trump often mentions CBS, CNN, NBC, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post as the worst displayers of bias.

Therefore, UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS, by Mark R. Levin, isn't a book that will shock conservatives with the basics. We already know the basics. What the book does is dive into examples and the history of the biased press.

Those on the right will love this book, and I hope those on the left and in the middle will learn something too.  Your mind, especially if you're on the left, has to be opened to learning the truth. However, I guess that a liberal wouldn't read this book unless he or she was willing to be opened minded to what's going on.

Levin is a nationally syndicated talk-radio host, host of LevinTV, chairman of the Landmark Legal Foundation, the host of Fox News' "Life, Liberty & Levin," and the author of many New York Times #1 bestselling books. His book UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS explores our media and leaves no doubt that they have become advocates of an agenda rather than objective news sources.

I learned a lot from the book.  Examples?

- I learned that at least 24 journalists transitioned from media jobs to working in the Obama administration. And, of course, there are people like George Stephanopoulos who we see at ABC and who worked for President Clinton, and MSNBC's Chris Matthews who worked for President Carter and Democratic House Speaker Tip O'Neill, and Jake Tapper with CNN who worked for Democratic congresswoman Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky and Handgun Control Inc. If you can stand to watch any of these people, they are highly anti-Trump, and if they ever hid their bias, they don't now.

- I know that members of the press have said disgusting things about President Trump, but the book gave me at least SEVEN PAGES of samples, such as:

When Trump "goes out there and whips people up, it's like a Mussolini rally. And yes, that's what I said." – Joe Scarborough, MSNBC

"Donald Trump is a racist. He isn't just a white supremacist – he's a flat-out, full racist . . . " - Former New York Times reporter David Cay Johnston

As far as Scarborough's comment, I've been to a Trump rally.  The media told me that it would be a racist, dangerous place. They lied. The people were some of the nicest I've met. (There's a lot of examples of Scarborough's nonsense in Levin's book. Frankly, Scarborough, I don't know how you look in the mirror when you come home after work.  Is money that important to you?)

As far as Trump being a racist and a white supremacist, a racist and a white supremacist does not do things for the black community, for example, that Trump has.  So I have zero respect for David Cay Johnston or people like him. To see an excellent run-down of the things Trump has done for the black community, watch this approximately 19-minute video by Benji Irby called DONALD TRUMP IS NOT A RACIST! And I got the RECEIPTS to prove it! Watch if you dare....  Benji is a black, gay, conservative Trump supporter who walked away from the Democrats and who got sick and tired of people lying about Trump by calling him a racist and a white supremacist.

So yeah, Levin gives us at least seven pages of these ridiculous comments.  These are comments coming from supposedly educated people.

-He goes into the history of the "Russian Hoax" and the audacity and arrogance of news organizations, such as The New York Times. Their executive editor Dean Baquet said, "We wrote a lot about Russia, and I have no regrets. It's not our job to determine whether or not there was illegality." Yeah, I bet it's not.  You're so biased now, that you don't even care.

-Levin gives us more info on Jim Acosta, who used the White House Press briefings to perform and become a "star." Later, he secured a book deal. He has no interest in asking responsible questions and honestly informing the public.  It's all about him and his spotlight. (I like the fact that his book has sold less than some of the bestseller indie authors I know.  Currently, at Amazon, his book in hardcover is at #39,343 in Books. That's nothing. His Kindle version is at #69,281. That's even worse. Meanwhile, Levin's hardcover book is at 425 in the ranking, and his Kindle version is at 4,521. Way better than Acosta's book. That shows me that people are wise to Acosta and his antics.)

-I had no idea that The New York Times (and others) played a role in downplaying or ignoring the Holocaust when it occurred.  Levin goes into that history. This was especially interesting to me because I do know that the Times has shown anti-semitism more than once.

-Levin goes into detail as to why the leftist media is so in love with "Hamilton" the musical. He explains why Hamilton's life validates their "resistance" platform.

-He gives us examples of how the Democrats committed acts of collusion and how the press never cared as they do about the so-called collusion they have accused Donald Trump.

As Levin explains, the leftists claim Trump is trying to change America. (He probably would like to see abortion illegal. But we have Roe v. Wade, and I don't believe that will change.) But it's the leftists who want open borders, free health care, free education, the end of the Electoral College, the end of ICE, and more.

Gaslighting is "a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity." The left is good at that. They are also excellent at projection. That's when they accuse you of doing what they do.  An excellent example of projection is when Hillary Clinton said, about Trump, that anyone who doesn't accept the results of an election is a threat to democracy.  Yet, it's she who hasn't accepted the results of the 2016 election, despite the fact that we're almost at the end of 2019.  She gets on TV and spews her nonsense nonstop.  Yet, no media challenges her because they support her and her ridiculous narratives.

When I was a liberal, I was easily manipulated.  Becoming a conservative saved me from that. I'm now an independent thinker, and my eyes are wide open to what the left does. That said, when I see the right doing it (which is rare), I acknowledge it. For example, if Trump criticized someone for having an extramarital affair, I believe that would be hypocritical.  Why? Well, you know why.  Trump is known for being with other women while married.  I doubt his wives knew about these women while it was going on.  If they did, then I apologize, President Trump.

On page 221, despite what Levin has said about the press, he said he doesn't like that Trump calls the press the "enemy of the people." Well, as I just told you, I'm an independent thinker.  I don't care what Levin says on this. I'm glad Trump calls the press the "enemy of the people."

It's a shame that I no longer watch ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or read The New York Times or The Washington Post. It's a shame that I've had to unsubscribe from The New Yorker and Time Magazine. It's a shame how the media treats Melania Trump, and it's a shame that I no longer read fashion magazines because all of them refuse to put the beautiful Melania, a former professional model, on their covers.

Yeah, the press is "the enemy of the people."  Trump, unlike anyone else, is brave enough to say it.

Levin said he wrote his book to "jump-start a long overdue and hopefully productive dialogue among the American citizenry on how best to deal with the complicated and complex issue of the media's collapsing role as a bulwark of liberty, the civil society, and republicanism." Thank you, Mr. Levin.

My opinion of the press has permanently changed, and I will never think of them as fair again.  However,  I appreciate what Levin has offered to the public. UNFREEDOM OF THE PRESS is an informative book filled with facts. It's not particularly exciting. What I mean is that if Levin has a sense of humor, you don't see it in this book.  You might even get bored at times.  But this book is so filled with facts and useful information that it gets five stars from me.

I give this book: *****

Next Up: The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Scheme to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump


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Welcome to Conservative Book Reviews!

I'm an American, a patriot, a conservative, and I look forward to reviewing conservative books! I'll get started with that soon.  However, before I do, have you read the United States Constitution?  If the answer is "no," before you read any of my upcoming reviews, please Read The U.S. Constitution.  As reported at the National Constitution Center, "...it is the fundamental framework of America's system of government." Frankly, to better appreciate the conservative books I'll be reviewing, you need to have that framework in your memory. Thanks!


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